Marlena Sparkman, 
Owner & Resident
Marlena Sparkman, Owner & Resident

My Vision

Having been in marketing and advertising since 1983, I could see a need for affordable, local advertising.   I wanted to encourage the people of Willows/Glenn County to stay, shop and save locally!  In looking at local advertising prices and options, there seemed to be a real need to use different avenues to reach the wide variety of demographics in our town.

The Willows Shopper is not just a digital program, nor is it just a print program. It is a multi-media approach that will appeal to the crowd that always has a phone in their hand or the crowd that still reads their mail! This approach is designed to reach the millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation!

It is very important for smaller businesses to have a way to reach their customers or clients in an affordable and effective way.  I have worked to create this program just for that reason.

Thank you,


Marlena Sparkman